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Built To Stand The Test Of Time

It is both quality construction materials and innovative engineering techniques that have set the Cardinal apart from the competition. Cardinal’s ultra-strong steel I-beam frame serves as the foundation for our floor, sidewall and roof systems which are the strongest, most durable in the industry. By taking the time to integrate each structural component, we are drastically improving the Cardinal’s ability to take the wear and tear of road travel. This means that every Cardinal is built to stand the test of time – from the inside out!

A-    Dark tinted windows
B-    Attic Vent
C-    Deluxe Graphics package
D-    Gelcoat fiberglass exterior
         (Including all sidewalls, doors, compartment doors and end walls of slide-outs)
E-    Luan
F-    Block foam insulation
G-    Decorative wall board
H-    Electro-galvanized sheet (EGS)
         metal backing strip
I-    Welded tubular aluminum
         studs (2” wall)
J-    Plush carpet
K-    Soft foam padding
L-    Tongue and groove plywood
         floor decking
M-    Large capacity heat duct
N-    2” x 3” trusses
O-    Fiberglass insulation (R-14)
P-    Black polymax moisture barrier
Q-    10-12” Steel I-beam (Depending on Model)
R-    Galvanized underbelly
S-    Extended hitchpin
T-    Aluminum roof trusses (optional)
U-    3/8” decking
V-    One-piece Epdm rubber roof
         (12 yr. warranty)